Friday, February 17, 2006

Have decided to blog. Momentously egocentric but then it seems that a scary number of people are doing it so why the hell not?
The idea is that this blog becomes a diary of my progress as I write up my PhD in composition. I'll try and write it every day I do something compositionally.
Last night I dreamt that I was sitting in the audience for the performance of the piano piece that I'm writing (Frisch weht der Wind) and only realised afterwards that I hadn't noticed that the irrational bars had not been observed... Note to self - produce mock-up Sibelius score with tempo changes. Work still going quite fluently. Amazed how much there is to do. Have to get a wriggle on if I want to produce a performance score for P before too long.
Talked to Mum about my opera. I think that it's still possible one day. When I have time to produce 3 hours that, quite possibly, no-one will want to perform or listen to. It's still an important and alive concept so perhaps some day...
Maybe C's right. I have more music in my head than I'll ever be able to write.


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