Monday, May 01, 2006

I've put all of the basic notes of Frisch weht der Wind onto Sibelius now. I'm probably going to redo all of the time signatures (yawn) to ensure that they align correctly (like the anally retentive time-waster that I am) but otherwise it's done. The wonkiness that the constant change of meter produces is really quite attractive. I hope that it's actually possible for a performer to get it really into their head to reproduce it.
I'm making enquiries concerning the possibility of having Version A of Frisch performed on a Discklavier or similar, for the purposes of recording (but also, it would be nice to have an ultra-correct version of the score!).

Once I have my basic 'skeletal' version of the score complete, it's really just a matter of saving it as three different files, and then editing it as appropriate to produce the three different scores. And then that's it.


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