Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sombre thoughts

Came back from a student recital on a bit of a tired high.
Always good to see students really pulling things together and delivering a great performance after four years of study, particularly when you've seen behind the scenes.
Sat drinking a glass of wine and read that Steve Martland had died.
I didn't ever meet him (although I was present on an occasion where he roundly attacked the composition department of the RAM for ignoring Stravinsky and following the teachings of Schoenberg), and I have to say I've not really taken to the snippets of music I've heard, but his reputation and presence are considerable, and as an educator and inspirer, he has played an important role. A number of people who I respect deeply have spoken to me about him and his music, and encouraged me to give it a go.
And now I feel I judged him too quickly ('For I was young and foolish') so I am listening to Tiger Dancing (with its echos of Tippett's Fantasia Concertante) and promising myself to listen to more.