Tuesday, February 21, 2006

C visited over the weekend along with a couple of other friends so I haven't managed to get much done since the last post.
What I have been doing is slogging through Frisch and going through the same process for each page: first it looks like crap, then I start seeing how interesting the contrapuntal phrasing is looking and then the dynamics become fun and interesting.

Frisch weht der Wind is a piano piece lasting about 7 minutes and it will exist in four different versions (although more can be 'created' by the performer). The notes and rhythms are the same for each version. All that change are the dynamics and articulation. Each of the first three versions pursues a different strategy (with differing degrees of automation) but the fourth version moves between the first three according to a pre-composed 'route'.

In performance there are a few options:
  1. Perform version 4 (this is the only option if the piece is being performed as part of the Etudes Tristesses (Frisch weht der Wind is no. 3 in this cycle))
  2. Perform any or all of versions 1-3
  3. There are two pauses in the piece. If option 3 is being observed, the pianist must change version after each pause (only versions 1-3 and all versions must be used).
As I mentioned in my last post, P wants to play it on the 9th March. I'm a bit worried about this because I'm a little way away from producing a definitive score for any of the versions. He has the basic skeleton score (without very much by way of dynamics or articulation) but is keen to see what I'm doing right now. Each of the first 3 versions need re-drafting before they go into Sibelius: Version 1 is rather uncooked at present (phrasing needs working out), Version 2 needs its dynamics micro-managed, and Version 3 will need some extra staves to clearly elucidate the contrapuntal structure (I'm tending towards Hopkins' Piano Etudes, though not to such an extreme). Version 4 can't be written until the others are done.
Currently coming to the end of Version 3's first draft so I guess I'll just have to make a decision and redraft one of them in a format that's neat enough to copy and give to P.

I'll try to include some scanned images in the next post just in case anyone gives a damn. It'll keep me out of trouble I suppose!


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