Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well, the maneuvering of the time signatures took me less time than I thought and I've actually got through just over half of the score of Version A of Frisch weht der Wind. Passed those pages to F to vet, will also try to get P's opinion on the notation.
So far so good...

Realised that once I type up everything that's almost ready to go: (US4, disiecta membra, Lovesongs, Frisch weht der Wind, La Pastora, and De contemplationis digitis) I've got an hour's worth of music - and that's counting Frish as a 3 minute piano piece (all four versions rack up a total of 12 minutes). Anything on top of this is a bonus!

Been listening obsessively to Mama Cass singing 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' today, and all because it featured in the opening few episodes of Lost. It just got into my head and refused to leave, so I'm flushing it. Aggressively. It's just fantastic!


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