Friday, December 30, 2011

An unnecessary post

Feel like I should say that I realise that the human ear can only really discriminate pitch of around 5-6 cents (this must be true - I just looked it up on Wikipedia to make sure I remembered it right), and that most digital tuners are not as sensitive as my score suggests that I'm looking for.
So why include this much detail?
At the moment, I'm including it because these tunings are the exact proportional ratios that I'm looking for, and they're what I'd like the performers to aim for. When I have the first performers to work with, I'm planning to talk to them about whether they find this (aspirational?) notation ok or whether it's a problem (distracting maybe). So I'm not hopelessly naive, just hopeful.
In other news, I finally listened to Richard Barrett's CONSTRUCTION without having Oliver barking at it. I think it's amazing, and it gets better and better as it goes on. I may write more about it on another occasion, but for the time being I'm bowled over. I love Richard's music, and have done for a long time so to hear him deliver such an amazing sustained work over that duration is just wonderful.


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