Monday, December 26, 2011

intervallic content (for three)

Just done some quick analysis of the intervallic content of for three.
I've got seven different tunings for the chord (treating the two ratios given here as sort of interval vectors):
  1. 8:9 +15:16
  2. 8:9 + 24:25
  3. 9:10 + 15:16
  4. 9:10 + 128:135
  5. 225:256 + 24:25
  6. 9:10 + 25:27
  7. 225:256 + 128:135
    This gives three major seconds:
    • 9:10 (1.11111111)
    • 8:9 (1.125)
    • 225:256 (1.13777778)
    four minor seconds:
    • 24:25 (1.04166667)
    • 128:135 (1.0546875)
    • 15:16 (1.06666667)
    • 25:27 (1.08)
    and three minor thirds:
    • 64:75 (1.171875)
    • 27:32 (1.18518519)
    • 5:6 (1.2)
    Great so far. Now I need to work out how I'm going to use this in the piece's structure.
    Am I going to go through them in 'keyboard' order (ABCDAAEFBACG), or come up with a new structure based on (what I think are) interesting movements from relative consonance to dissonance and back?
    I'm in two minds.
    I also have to decide which pitch stays constant between each section (this itself could answer the question of 'material' above). I don't want it to be the same pitch, but at the same time (at least) one pitch must stay constant.
    There will also be the question of overall duration, and the proportion of silence and sound.
    At the start, I want there to be silence separating instances of the three players each playing one sustained note. In the middle I want there to be very few breaks in the corporate sonority, with tunings overlapping. At the end, a return to the texture of the beginning. Possibly.
    Overall duration could be as long as 40 minutes, but I don't know if that's crazy. I suppose it depends on the players and on how many sections and how long each section is.
    Enjoying thinking about this. Quite like the idea that the timbre of each performance could be radically different.

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