Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Always the problem with composition. You finish one piece and then what do you do?
Sometimes you start a new piece and get faced with the whole business of starting from scratch.
Sometimes (and this is the best in my opinion) there's already a piece started with a whole load of ideas floating around, so you can just jump in.
Sometimes, and this is today's situation, you have a piece that's almost finished. I've got a lot of these, as I come closer to the end of the PhD.

The idea of starting work on the second version of Frisch weht der Wind is quite depressing, since I've already produced the first and third. Particularly since my final task before putting it on the computer is to add dynamics to the pre-existing pitches/rhythms. It's not difficult, just requires an imagination slightly ticking over to categorise the gestural forms and assign them a suitable 'envelope'. I've just got to bite the bullet and slog my way through it. At least version D is more interesting and will require some kind of intelligence to complete.

I have now no idea if I'll be able to submit my application for postdoctoral funding at B, because I haven't heard from their Head of Research for a little while. The deadline is the end of the month and I'm beginning to become a little concerned (i.e. stressed). If I don't get this funding, the next round doesn't start till next September, and while I think I can keep my head above water financially until then, I'm not sure how sane I'm going to be living this far from C still!

Anyway, I've got to keep going at this piece because once I've finished it (and the others), then I'm one step closer to being with C full time. So far, I've got disiecta membra, US4, La Pastora, De contemplationis digitis, 83 Chords for Ezra Pound, and two versions of Frisch weht der Wind ready for submission, which adds up to about 46 minutes of music. The total duration of the portfolio is supposed to be between 60 and 90 minutes, so I'm getting there. With Lovesongs, Dead Island Songs, and the other two versions of Frisch, we're talking more like 80 minutes... so that's all I'm down to do right now. I've got a timetable of work from here to the end of December, which is when I'm handing it in. Which is when I'm handing it in. Which is when I'm handing it in!


Blogger Mel said...

So what if you're a nerd. At least you're an awfully nice nerd.

You're only as good as your last success

What to do when you finish a piece that you've been working on intently for weeks?

I used to

1:44 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

...go through periods of being lost between works, then I started keeping a 'diary' of ideas to be followed up. After that, it became difficult to find enough time to do everything I wanted to.

1:44 AM  
Blogger Abglanzbeladen said...

After that, it became difficult to find enough time to do everything I wanted to.

Oh dear.

2:47 PM  

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