Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memories of You

Big two-week installation coming up at the Edinburgh Fringe 5th - 19th August.
It will be dotted with performances as well, but the basic idea is that it will start off with very pure sinusoidal drones, and develop (almost palimpsestically) over the course of the two weeks to incorporate 'memories' of the performances that have occurred within the space. There will also be (hopefully) a grand piano in the centre of the space which I will prepare and detune during the performance, and use to 'feed' the installation with new sounds. I want there to be a couple of microphones set up to allow visitors to leave their mark on the installation as well.

Currently mulling over how the MaxMSP patch for the overall installation will work. I want to be able to add certain things to the mix myself every day, but I also want some sense of random development there - an uncontrolled element. I want it to take on new stuff but only gradually change. It's got to make sense as a patch as well, and run without being too memory hungry.

Really hoping I can get hold of enough equipment to record everything, stream it live with video and audio, have enough microphones to do everything I want to do, and have one computer running the basic patch for the show the whole time, with another one to run the piece-specific patches as I'm going along. Time to really think about this, jot down my ideal requirements, and take to our marvellous technical guys and find out what they can spare for the fortnight.

The exhibition will open from 11:00-17:30 every day at Whitespace, 11 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, and it will open with a six and a half hour performance by me of a new piece called LAMONTEYOUNG for piano and sine waves. This will be connected to what I did (and am doing later in the show) with JAMESTENNEY but slower. I want to spread out La Monte Young's name over the whole span so that it's just very pure and sustained, but I want to create some beats between speakers as well. Haven't quite worked out how this is going to work but I've been listening to some Alvin Lucier recently that's suggested some possibilities. Once I've got the whole tape part fixed (I'm hopefully working with 8 speakers), I'll have to start really thinking hard about the structure for the piano part. It's going to be largely improvised and a homage to the soundworld of Young's Well Tuned Piano except that the piano is not going to be well tuned (quite the opposite) but I want to strike the right balance between what I notate for myself, and what I create on the fly. It's all fun stuff and I'm really looking forward to getting started. Just need to finish this marking and then I can go for it!


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