Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today I turn 33, which seems weird.
I do feel that the music I'm writing now (well not right now) is good, worth writing, worth playing and worth hearing. I can now look back at my frighteningly (to me at least) prolific years of study as an apprenticeship. There's not all that much that I am bothered to preserve if I am honest, and I've finally (hallelujah!) learnt that there is much to be said for moving on with new projects rather than revisiting old ones.
Moving away from what you might call complexity towards the (just as complex in other ways) pragmatic notation I've been working on for the last three years, has also had the added advantage that I can play my own music again (theoretically). I'll be doing this at Whitespace in Edinburgh from 5th-19th August this year as part of my exhibition Memories of You, and this has to be good. I'm involved in a very basic way with the things that make up a life in music.
So I want to carry on writing as much as possible, working with musicians, performing my own music as much as possible, and staying positive. If the music I am writing isn't right, I want to find the music that is right.

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