Sunday, January 08, 2012

Good news!

The good news is that I may well have a performance of for three in the pipeline.
The ensemble handwerk and I are planning to put on a couple of performances of the piece, one in Cologne and one in Edinburgh. More to follow hopefully.
Other works in the pipline this year include:
  • a piece for solo organ (probably microtonal) written especially for the organ of St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh called '...and Eternity in an Hour'. It's the final installment of a four part set of pieces which starts with 'To see a World in a Grain of Sand...' for solo piano (first performed in 1997 by Paul Harper-Scott) and yes, it's going to be an hour long. The significant thing about the organ of St Giles is that it's one of the only organs I've come across that still has a mechanical tracker action and therefore all sorts of wonderful things can happen if the stop is not pulled out all of the way;
  • another piece for organ, this time for organ and amplified organist called (possibly) BREATHE. I'm writing it for Lauren Redhead. Currently I have no idea how it's going to sound (other than awesome of course) but the breathing of the organist is going to determine durations of notes and of rests but is also going to be amplified (along, possibly with the sounds of the bellows). Duration is going to be around 9 minutes I think;
  • piece for solo clarinet in A for Carl Rosman. No title yet, but I've had sketches for this piece sitting around for quite a while. It's based around a series of multiphonic dyads that are mostly going to be quiet;
  • a companion piece for for three called for one (it's the Trinitarian link you see) for any melodic instrument with variable pitch, and a drone. The idea will be that it takes all of the intervals of my justly-intoned chromatic scale and works its way up to an octave. This is a piece that I may perform myself first, or ship it out to one of my very talented friends;
  • I'm also still looking to produce a version of Kinderszenen for solo flute and tape. This version of the piece is being written with Richard Craig in mind (and it's going to be tailor made for him, with collaborative input). There may also be a version for bass clarinet and tape for Sarah Watts but we haven't really talked about that in any depth yet.
So that's a few things to be getting on with.
On the back burner are my chamber pieces SOLO, DUO2, TRIO1, TRIO2 and TRIO3. I think I need to establish a working relationship with an ensemble who might be willing to tackle all six pieces for a rather special concert (and possibly double-CD release?).

This year, there are a few other projects to get underway:
  • I want to finally get my colleague Nicholas Ashton to record his performance of my solo piano piece EMG alongside Fabrice Fitch's Wind Up;
  • I want to sort out a website and some good copies of the music that I'm still happy with;
  • Record a performance of CRAGG with some of my students.
As far as ambitions go, these three shouldn't be too taxing.
Let's see how it all goes!



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